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*** Please be advised that as of March 6, 2014, CAW Local 2200 is officially certified as Unifor Local 2200. A new website will be launched in the coming months (unifor2200.ca) but until then this website will be maintained for the benefit of the membership having access to current bulletins and other information ***

Welcome to the CAW Local 2200 website. We have done our best to make this website simple and easy to navigate in order that each member may find the information they are looking for. We hope to continue to evolving the website and add more sections if needed, while keeping it basic and easy to use.

On the side bar to the left you will find links to the different pages here on the site. Clicking on each link will load the corresponding page and replace the current one. Each page will have a title at the top, just below the CAW Local 2200 logo.

The following is a brief description of the different pages and the information you will find there:

  • Home Page: this is the home page, including the welcoming and President's message
  • Union Board: this page will give you access to view and download all bulletins that are posted on the union boards at the shops, as well as other documents of interest.
  • Newsletter: all current and past editions of the CAW Local 2200 Newsletter can be downloaded here
  • Contacts: this page gives a full list of the Executive Board and Executive Council of Property Representative members
  • Related Links: here you will find links to other Labour groups as well as links to pensions and benefits groups

This site is for the benefit and education of the CAW 2200 Membership and other union activists. We hope you find it a valuable resource where you can stay up to date with important information and access important resources.

If you would like to share your experience with using the website, whether it be a comment or suggestion, please contact the Webmaster by clicking here.

In addition to this website and the union boards at the shops, information is shared through a Shop Stewards Email Distribution List. If you would like to be added to the list and receive updates from the CAW Local 2200 President click here.

Thank you for visiting the CAW Local 2200 website and we hope you found it a useful resource.

President's Message

Welcome Brothers and Sisters to the CAW LOCAL 2200 website.

We are proud once again to have a new and improved website that our Local 2200 membership can access. The purpose of any website is the dissemination of information and up to date communications. With the help of Bro Travis Harrison, who has volunteered to be our Webmaster, our Local 2200 site will be updated as needed. You can download our Local 2200 newsletters, bulletins, special notices and find links to other sites with helpful information, all directly from the website. Now all of our members with internet access can stay informed on current events from the comfort of their homes.

We hope that you make good use of this website and that it helps to keep you informed of your union's activities.

In Solidarity,

Joe Elworthy


Please contact the Webmaster if you would like to recommend a change or make a comment.